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added note about sbert_contextual folder

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......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ We introduce the Vectorian as a framework that allows researchers to try out dif
+-- data
| +-- processed_data
| | +-- corpus: preprocessed Vectorian document data for parts of gold.json (e.g. tokenization)
| +-- doc_embeddings.*: precompute Sentence-BERT embeddings for parts of gold.json
| | +-- doc_embeddings.*: precomputed Sentence-BERT document embeddings for parts of gold.json
| | +-- sbert_contextual: precomputed Sentence-BERT contextual token embeddings
| +-- raw_data
| | +-- gold.json: gold standard data for Shakespeare text reuse as JSON
+-- environment.yml: Python dependencies needed to run the notebook in a conda environment
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