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# “Embed, embed! There’s knocking at the gate.” - Detecting Intertextuality with Embeddings and the Vectorian
title = {“{{Embed}}, Embed! {{There}}’s Knocking at the Gate.” - {{Detecting Intertextuality}} with {{Embeddings}} and the {{Vectorian}}},
booktitle = {Fabrikation von {{Erkenntnis}}. {{Experimente}} in Den {{Digital Humanities}}},
author = {Liebl, Bernhard and Burghardt, Manuel},
date = {2022-01-15},
publisher = {{Melusina Press}},
location = {{Esch-sur-Alzette}},
url = {},
isbn = {978-2-919815-25-8},
langid = {english}
# Abstract
*Bernhard Liebl & Manuel Burghardt, Computational Humanities Group, Leipzig University*
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