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# cvpr2021-sharp-workshop
# SHARP: SHApe Recovery from Partial textured 3D scans
Details about the SHARP challenges:
- data processing scripts
- inout scripts
- etc.
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[SHARP 2021 website](
A workshop and challenge in conjunction with
[CVPR 2021](
Organised by [CVI²]( & [Artec3D](
## Overview
We propose three challenges. The task of the challenges is to reconstruct a full 3D textured mesh from a partial 3D scan. The first challenge is for human bodies, while the second and third challenges are for a variety of generic objects. The third challenge launches a new unique dataset.
- Challenge 1 - Recovery of Human Body Scans:
The task of this challenge is to reconstruct a full 3D textured mesh from a partial 3D human scan acquisition. 3DBodyTex.v2 is used, which consists of about 2500 clothed scans with a large diversity in clothing and in poses.
- Challenge 2 - Recovery of Generic Object Scans:
This challenge is focused on textured 3D scans of generic objects. It uses 3DObjectTex.v1 dataset – a subset from the ViewShape repository – containing 2000 textured 3D scans of very diverse objects.
- Challenge 3 - Recovery of Feature Edges in 3D Object Scans:
This challenge is focused on recovering feature edges of 3D scans. Here, the very recently introduced CC3D dataset is considered. The CC3D dataset contains 50k+ pairs of CAD models and their corresponding 3D scans.
🏆 An overall 9k€ will be awarded as cash prizes to the winners.
## Detailed instructions
To be announced. Stay tuned.
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