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# Contest
## Teams
- 2 or 3 persons per team
- **Send us the team participants to email **
- Use email subject: **SCCAMP Contest 2018**
- Only one email per team please
## Problem: Matrix Multiplication
- Parallelization of Matrix Multiplication using OpenMP, MPI (and OpenACC optional)
- Example code from the MPI/OpenMP practical session
## Question
Remember to answer the question: **What is the best paradigm to use for this problem? Explain why in a few lines**
## Winner
The jury (Carlos, Gilberto and Xavier) will evaluate the results, and will consider:
- the code performance
- the correctness (results must be correct!)
- the code structure
The winners will get a surprise prize!
## Deadline
**Deadline is Saturday 11.30am**
Please send us:
- your program
- a short documentation (how to compile, how to run)
- the answer to the question
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