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  • v1.0b0 protected   First beta release of stable versions 1.x
    26b9a1c7 · Bump version ·
    Release v1.0b0


    • [code] core.Template class is now the interface to manipulate templates.
    • [code] core.convert_order_position to convert an order vector into a position vector, and vice-versa.
    • [code] export module to manage supported export formats.
    • [code] New external dependency multiset.


    • [code] Complete rewrite of the optimization logic to compute of a depth-optimal sequence of crossings.
    • [code] Complete refactor of the SVG export code.
    • [code] Public namespaces of each module have been cleaned of all unnecessary objects.
    • [doc] Improve README.


    • [code] Legacy optimization logic of main module:
      • all_subsets, createTree, detectDoubles, getNeighbours, getPermutations, getTorsions, updatePermutationList and updatePosition functions.
      • Node and Tree classes.
    • [code] Legacy drawing logic: drawTemplate module and main.drawSVGTemplate function.


    • [bug] float parsing for scale argument in CLI.
  • v0.0.1 protected   First public release
    a9442e1a · Bump version ·
    Release v0.0.1


    • [code] CLI interface.
    • [code] Validation logic for linking matrix.
    • [code] Optimization logic to minimize template height.
    • [code] SVG drawing logic.
    • [doc] Example input matrices: elementary matrices of size 5 and 6.